BlackBerry KeyOne launches in India… with better specs, different manufacturer

When BlackBerry stopped making its own smartphones, the company partnered with Chinese electronics company TCL to build and distribute BlackBerry-branded phones around the world… with the exception of a few countries, such as India. So when BlackBerry and TCL launched the KeyOne smartphone with a physical keyboard earlier this year, t wasn’t available in India. […]

New BlackBerry KeyOne phones feature sturdier construction

The BlackBerry KeyOne is probably the best Android phone with a physical keyboard on the market right now… partly because it’s one of the only current Android phones with a physical keyboard, but also because it gets mostly positive reviews for performance, battery life, and most importantly, the keyboard. Unfortunately some folks have also discovered that […]

BlackBerry KeyOne smartphone features QWERTY keyboard, modern specs

The BlackBerry name used to be synonymous with smartphones featuring built-in keyboards. There aren’t as many of those as there used to be, but the company’s first Android smartphone had a slide-out keyboard, and after launching a few touchscreen-only devices, the company’s latest Android phone has a keyboard below the screen, giving it the look of […]