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BlackBerry PlayBook update will let you control your tablet with your phone

Research in Motion plans to roll out version 2.0 of its operating system for the BlackBerry PlayBook operating system later this month — and the company is starting to show off some new features. We already knew that PlayBook OS 2.0 would include support for some Android applications as well as native email, contact, and […]

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BlackBerry PlayBook to get calendar, contact software eventually

Research in Motion’s BlackBerry phones are known for their business features including push email and strong calendar and contact apps. Unfortunately the BlackBerry PlayBook won’t have any of those features at launch. Instead, you’ll be able to connect the tablet to a BlackBerry phone to share your calendar, email, and contact data. That means if […]

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BlackBerry PlayBook to launch without native messaging apps

Research in Motion’s BlackBerry platform is probably best known for the way it handles email and messaging. But at launch, the BlackBerry PlayBook 7 inch tablet won’t have a native email, BlackBerry Messenger, or Calendar app. Instead, it will rely on something called BlackBerry Bridge which synchronizes data for those apps with a BlackBerry phone […]