A new BlackBerry 5G phone with a keyboard coming in 2021 (sort of)

BlackBerry gave up producing its own smartphones a few years ago, and instead began working on partnerships with third-party companies to manufacture and sell phones under the BlackBerry name that come with BlackBerry apps and services installed. Earlier this year BlackBerry’s biggest partner pulled the plug, which means we won’t be seeing any more TCL-made […]

TCL pulls the plug on BlackBerry smartphones

BlackBerry hasn’t actually made any smartphones in years. The BlackBerry KeyOne and Key2? Those were both made by TCL. Now BlackBerry has announced its partnership with TCL is ending.  That means that after August 31st, 2020 there probably won’t be any new BlackBerry-branded smartphones unless the company can find another hardware partner. While BlackBerry was an […]

Unihertz Titan will be a crowdfunded BlackBerry clone (for $199 and up)

Smartphones with physical keyboards may be an endangered species, but you can still pick up a BlackBerry-branded phone if you really want one. Soon there may be another option. Unihertz plans to launch a crowfunding phone for a BlackBerry clone called the Unihertz Titan. There’s no word on the release date or retail price, but […]

BlackBerry Messenger is shutting down on May 31st (update: not really)

There was a time when BlackBerry Messenger was a key selling point for BlackBerry phones… and it was exclusively available on BlackBerry devices. But in 2013 the company launched BBM for Android an iOS. A lot has changed since then. BlackBerry doesn’t make its own phones anymore. BlackBerry OS is pretty much dead. And now […]

BlackBerry Evolve and Evolve X launch (in India)

There are two new BlackBerry-branded phones ready to hit the streets. The BlackBerry Evolve and BlackBerry Evolve X are mid-range phones with big batteries, dual rear cameras, and they’re both set to ship in mid-September. While the two phones look a lot alike, the he Evolve is the cheaper of the two, priced at about […]

BlackBerry Key2 goes on sale in the US July 13th, pre-orders open June 29th

BlackBerry and TCL’s latest Android phone-with-a-physical-keyboard goes up for pre-order in the United States next week, and it’ll be available in-stores two weeks after that. The BlackBerry Key2 is a $649 smartphone with a 4.5 inch display, a QWERTY keyboard, and dual rear cameras. It looks a lot like last year’s BlackBerry KeyOne, but the […]

BlackBerry Key2 leaked (again)

BlackBerry and TCL are set to unveil their next phone on Thursday, June 7th. But Evan Blass didn’t want you to have to wait until then to get a good look at the BlackBerry Key2. In a series of tweets, Blass shared some renderings that give us our best look at the upcoming smartphone to […]

This could be BlackBerry’s next phone with a keyboard (leaks)

Most modern smartphones have touchscreens and virtual keyboards. But BlackBerry (and its hardware partners including TCL) are keeping the physical keyboard dream alive. Last year the companies launched the BlackBerry KeyOne with a QWERTY keyboard below the screen and a design reminiscent of a classic BlackBerry device (but with modern Android software). Now it looks […]