iOS 13.5 will make it easier to unlock an iPhone while wearing a mask

Apple introduced Face ID with the iPhone X in 2017, allowing users to unlock the company’s flagship phones by looking at them… which is fine under normal circumstances, I guess. But all the fancy 3D face scanning tech in the world isn’t much use when your face is partially obscured by a mask. So Apple […]

Hack allows Pixel 4 Face Unlock to work with unsupported apps (root required)

Google’s Pixel 4 smartphone feature a brand new Face Unlock system that not only allows you to login to your phone by looking at it, but also to login to apps for banking, password management, or other activities where security is important. The only catch is that developers need to explicitly update their apps to […]

LG G8 ThinQ packs palm vein identification, depth-sensing cameras

LG’s latest non-5G flagship is a smartphone with a 6.1 inch, 3120 x 1440 pixel OLED display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, up to three rear cameras, and a 3,500 mAh battery. But it’s 2019 and none of those features are really enough to make the LG G8 ThinQ […]

New web standard could remove the need for remembering passwords… eventually

Odds are that you login to dozens of websites and online services on a regular basis… and odds are that you already know it’s a bad idea to use the same password for your bank, internet retail sites, your social media accounts, online gaming platforms, and media streaming services. But creating and remember passwords for […]

Vivo smartphones to be first with under-glass fingerprint sensor from Synaptics

This week Synaptics announced it’s begun mass production of an under-glass, in-display fingerprint sensor and that the company is working with a top five OEM. Earlier this year we’d heard that Chinese smartphone maker Vivo was working on phones with under-glass fingerprint sensors. Coincidence? Nope. In an article for Forbes, Patrick Moorhead says he got […]

Synaptics launches smartphone fingerprint scanner that sits under the glass screen

The company that makes the touchpads found on many laptops also makes fingerprint sensors, and the company’s latest is an optical scanner designed to sit below a glass screen on smartphones. In other words, it’ll be able to read your fingerprint through the glass, without the need for any cut-outs or indentations. Among other things, […]

BIO-key launches USB fingerprint readers (Windows Hello compatible)

Microsoft introduced a new secure login system called Windows Hello with Windows 10. It allows you to login on some devices using a fingerprint reader, facial recognition, or iris scanner. But for up until recently the only way to use Windows Hello was to buy a PC or smartphone that already had the required hardware. […]

Synaptics’ USB stick brings fingerprint authentication to any PC

Want to use your fingerprint to login to a computer without entering a password, but don’t want to buy a new PC just for that feature? Soon you may not have to. Synaptics has introduced a new turnkey solution for USB dongles featuring the company’s “Natural ID” fingerprint authentication. The company wants to license the […]

LG’s new fingerprint sensor fits below a smartphone screen (no separate button required)

Most high-end smartphones hitting the market these days feature fingerprint sensors (and some mid-range phones have them too). But there’s no real consensus on the best place to put the scanner: some phones have them below the screen, others on the back. A few companies even put them on the sides of the phone. LG […]

Synaptics unveils fingerprint sensor with its own chip for better security

Fingerprint sensors used to be something you’d primarily find on business-class laptops. But a growing number of smartphones feature built-in fingerprint scanners which let you unlock your device or perform other actions using your unique fingerprint instead of a password. Now Synaptics has introduced a new fingerprint sensor which the company says offers even better […]

The Nymi Band uses heartbeat biometrics to authenticate user ID

Fingerprint biometric scanning is so 20th century. Anyone can recreate a unique fingerprint with a high definition photograph. Even facial recognition software can be compromised with a high quality printer. What we really need is something that reads what is on our insides so that no one can copy it. The Nymi Band uses your […]

Synaptics SecurePad is a laptop touchpad with a fingerprint reader

Synaptics makes the touchpads that are used on millions of laptops and in recent years the company has added new features such as support for multitouch gestures and pressure-sensitive “force” detection. Now Synaptics is introducing a new touchpad that could bring enhanced security to your next laptop. The Synaptics SecurePad puts a fingerprint reader right […]