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Microsoft is experimenting with a Search widget on the Windows 11 desktop

Windows 11 brought the return of widgets to Microsoft’s desktop operating system, but for the most part they’ve been confined to a Widgets board that slides out from the left side of the screen when you want to use it and hides away when you don’t. Now Microsoft has introduced an experimental search box widget […]

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Bing Snapshots: Microsoft provides relevant search results from any app

Google plans to roll out a new feature for Android phones called Google Now on Tap, which will let you swipe up from the home button on any screen to get relevant information. Chatting with a friend about restaurants? Now on Tap can show you directions, phone numbers, and menus. Looking up a movie? Google can […]

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Cyanogen, Microsoft partnership means more Bing on Cyanogen OS phones

Cyanogen OS is an operating system for mobile devices that’s based on Google Android… but the makers of Cyanogen OS have been pretty vocal about plans to reduce their reliance on Google’s apps. Now the company has announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft, which means  future versions of the Android-based operating system could feature tight […]

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Microsoft Torque brings Bing voice search to Android phones

Microsoft’s Bing Torque Search app lets you search the web, get a weather forecast, calculate math problems, or perform other actions using your voice. Torque launched in October as an app for Android Wear smartwatches. Now it’s available for Android phone as well. All you need to do to start Torque is shake your phone […]

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Microsoft unveils “Windows 8.1 with Bing” for low-cost devices

Once upon a time Windows-powered devices dominated the portable computer market. But these days many people use Android or iOS-powered phones or tablets to do many of the things that used to require a PC. So Microsoft’s been trying to keep its Windows software competitive, first by enhancing the touch capabilities of the operating system, then […]

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Lilibits (9-17-2013): What’s up with CyanogenMod?

Don’t like the software that came with your Android phone? For almost as long as device makers and wireless carriers have been offering smartphones running Google’s mobile operating system, hackers have been building their own versions of Android which you can install on many Android phones and tablets. CyanogenMod is one of the most popular. […]

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Microsoft to reward schools with free Surface RT tablets for using Bing search

Microsoft’s got a search engine called Bing. You may not have heard of it, since Google gets most of the attention in the search market. But Microsoft would really like to get a few more people using Bing — and the company’s willing to give away free hardware and even forego some profit in order […]