ZTE Axon V and Axon S Slider have unusual solutions to the smartphone not problem

As smartphone makers have been moving toward nearly bezel-free smartphones, they have to figure out what to do with the components that you’d normally squeeze into a bezel, like cameras. So far the most popular solution has been to put a notch in the display. More recently, some phone makers have removed the bezels and […]

Dell XPS 13 laptop gets a 2019 refresh: Whiskey Lake chips, camera above the screen

Dell’s XPS 13 laptops have earned a reputation for a few things over the years. They’re incredibly thin and light. Despite that, they get surprisingly long battery life and offer generally decent performance. And for years, Dell has offered XPS laptops with ridiculously thin top and side bezels by moving the webcam to an awkward […]

Asus ZenBook S13 has tiny bezels, discrete graphics, and… a camera notch (but it’s an outie)

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Someone put a camera notch on a laptop in an effort to create a machine that has slim bezels everywhere else. But the Asus ZenBook S13 (UX392) doesn’t have a smartphone-like notch that extends into the display. Instead if has more of an outie than an innie: […]

Lenovo’s Z5 Pro is brings slide-out cameras to sub $300 smartphones

Features that used to be exclusive to high-end smartphones have a habit of making their way to mid-range and budget devices pretty quickly these days. Case in point: About four months after Oppo launched the first smartphone with front cameras that slide out from behind the screen, Lenovo is bringing a similar feature to a […]

Would you rather have a phone with a slide-out camera, or a hole in the screen?

As the war on bezels continues, smartphone makers seem to be falling into one of three camps this year. There are phones with slimmer-than-in-the-past bezels. There are notch-phones with a cut-out near the top of the display for a front-facing camera. And recently we’ve seen the addition of a third category: phones with slide-out or […]

Apple’s next iPad could have thinner bezels, no home button according to iOS 12 clues

Apple has a habit of leaking details about upcoming hardware through small details in the code of its operating systems. For example iOS 11 beta included a drawing of a phone with a notch in the display, sort of confirming that the iPhone X would have such as design before Apple was ready to publicly […]

Oppo Find X is a nearly bezel-free phone with pop-out front and rear cameras

Some phone makers are trying to slim the top bezels of their phones by including camera cut-outs (notches). Chines phone maker Vivo took a different approach and launched the Vivo Nex with a pop-out selfie camera that hides inside the phone when it’s not in use. And then there’s the Oppo Find X. Unlike most […]

Lenovo Z5 smartphone unveiled: It’s pretty, but doesn’t live up to the hype

Over the past few weeks Lenovo has been hinting that it’s next smartphone could feature a bezel-free design by releasing a series of images showing a phone with a screen that comes awfully close to the edge of the phone. But I’ve been a little skeptical that the Lenovo Z5 would be truly bezel-free. The […]

ZTE Iceberg has 2 notches (top and bottom for front-facing stereo speakers)

Notches may be the controversial smartphone design trend of the year. But it looks like ZTE is thinking about going all-in on an upcoming phone by including not just a notch at the top of the screen, but a second one at the bottom. The Chinese device maker has submitted pictures of an unreleased phone […]