Android 10 includes dark theme, gesture navigation, and more

Google rolled out the first beta of Android Q earlier this year, but the company has now confirmed that the next version of its smartphone operating system will be called Android 10 when it launches later this year. On-device machine learning Among other things, Android 10 will include native support for 5G cellular connectivity and […]

Google releases Android Q beta for all Pixel smartphones

The next major version of Android brings native support for foldable devices, new privacy features, additional features for enterprise users, and a new “sharing shortcuts” API that should make it easier to share content from one app using another. Android Q won’t be finalized until sometime this fall, but if you have a Google Pixel […]

Apple releases iOS 9 public beta

Apple has a long history of letting developers test beta versions of its iPhone and iPad operating system before they’re available to the public. But now Apple is letting the general public try a pre-release build of iOS for the first time. You can download iOS 9 public beta by visiting on your iPhone or […]

Hound is an Android voice search app on steroids (from makers of SoundHound)

Google’s Voice Search tool for Android lets you ask Google all sorts of questions: you can check the time, weather forecast, movie showtimes, and more. But the makers of the SoundHound app (which uses audio recognition to tell you what song is playing nearby) think there’s room for a voice search app that can do […]

SwiftKey Clarity Android keyboard features multi-word autocorrect

SwiftKey offers a third-party keyboard app for mobile devices which is designed to save you time by, among other things, predicting the next word you’ll want to type before you’ve even finished entering the current word. Now SwiftKey has a new Android app called Clarity. It’s also a keyboard app, but instead of focusing on […]