Beelink and GMK unveil mini PCs with Intel Core i5-8259U and Iris Plus 655

The Intel Core i5-8259U processor is a 28-watt, quad-core CPU paired with Intel Iris Plus 655 graphics. released in 2018, it’s the processor that powered the Intel Bean Canyon NUC mini-desktop computer I reviewed that year, and it offered performance that was pretty hard to beat at the time. Now two Chinese PC makers have […]

Intel Bean Canyon Lite NUC mini PC features 15 watt, 8th-gen chips

Intel has quietly added two new mini PCs to its NUC lineup… and they’re powered by two previously unannounced processors. The new Intel NUC8i3BEHS packs an Intel Core i3-8140U processor, while the Intel NUC8i5BEHS has a Core i5-8260U chip. Both of these computers are being positioned as part of the Bean Canyon family that first launched […]

Intel’s Coffee Lake NUC mini PCs shipping in September, up for pre-order now

Intel’s new “Bean Canyon” NUC computers are tiny desktop PCs powered by 28 watt Intel Coffee Lake processors with Intel Iris Plus 655 graphics. If you don’t count the Intel “Skull Canyon” and “Hades Canyon” NUCs, which are larger models aimed at gamers, the new Bean Canyon systems are the most powerful NUC mini computers […]

Intel’s next-gen NUC mini PCs will have 28W Coffee Lake processors

The gaming-oriented Intel Hades Canyon NUC with an Intel Kaby Lake-G processor is technically the first of Intel’s min computers to feature an 8th-gen Intel processor. But the company’s first mainstream NUC systems with 8th-gen chips are coming later this year. While most older NUC systems featured the same kind of 15 watt processors you’d typically find […]