Lilbits: Intel Tiger Lake-H reviews, Optane memory H20 coming soon, and Photoshop comes to Windows on ARM

Intel’s 11th-gen, 45-watt laptop processors have arrived, and the embargo on reviews lifted today. The good news is that the new Intel chips really do offer some of the best performance of any x86 processor in this class… when it comes to single-threaded performance. But when it comes to multi-threaded performance, AMD’s Ryzen 5000H series […]

Google’s Pixel feature drop brings battery, bedtime, safety, and Assistant changes

Since late last year, every few months Google rolls out a handful of new features that are exclusive to Pixel-branded smartphones, and the latest Pixel feature drop is rolling out starting today. The update includes a handful of changes that could help extend a phone’s battery life, help you get a better night’s sleep, and […]

Google tweaks Chrome background tab behavior for better battery life

Web browser makers have been making a point recently of accusing competitors’ software of draining your laptop battery. Now Google is making a change to its Chrome browser for desktop that should help users get longer battery life if they have a habit of keeping lots of browser tabs open in the background. Essentially, the […]

Apple updates MacBook Pro software after Consumer Reports finds wildly variable battery life

A few weeks ago Consumer Reports announced that it could not recommend the latest MacBook Pro laptops, making them the first MacBook models that the product rating agency couldn’t give a Recommended rating. While the laptops performed well in most performance and display quality tests, the problem was battery life: it was wildly inconsistent. Sometimes […]

Microsoft’s software-defined battery tech could lead to longer-lasting batteries

One way to develop longer-lasting batteries is to alter the chemical makeup of battery packs, and a number of researchers are looking for ways to do that. But a group of researchers at Microsoft are working on a way to make existing batteries last longer by using software. Software-defined batteries use a system of multiple batteries of different […]

Stanford is working on a battery that can fully charge in a minute

One of the biggest complaints about tech specs for smart phones involves battery life. So it makes sense that there are teams of researchers trying to make better batteries. UC Berkeley is working on an energy storing battery called the “Supercapacitor” (I love the name), SolidEnergy is researching a longer-lasting battery for Google’s Project Ara […]