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MSI Wind U110 reviewed: Excellent battery, mediocre performance

The original MSI Wind U115 was an innovative netbook with a hybrid storage model that helped prolong battery life by using a combination of a low power solid state disk for the operating system and a hard drive for additional storage. If you weren’t accessing data on the hard drive, it could power down altogether. […]

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The Lenovo IdeaPad U150 battery put to the test

The new crop of 11 to 12 inch laptops from Acer, Asus, HP, Dell, Lenovo, and others have a few things going for them. They tend to be thin, light, and more powerful than your typical 10 inch netbook while offering better CPU and graphics performance. And in most cases they get battery life that’s […]

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LG X130 unboxed, reviewed, runs for up to 15 hours…

… with the wireless turned off. To be honest, I’ve never done a battery test on a netbook with the WiFi turned off because this just isn’t the way most people use laptops most of the time. Still, I suppose if you were planning on using the LG X130 as an eBook reader with the […]

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MSI Wind U115 appears to provide ridiculously long battery life

When MSI showed off the upcoming Wind U115 netbook at CES in January with a placard promising 10.5 hours of battery life,  I was a bit skeptical. But according to preliminary tests at Eee, MSI might actually have been modest. Johannes at Eee is in the process of running a battery test. Around […]