Motorola Moto G9 Power has a big screen, a bigger battery

Motorola’s Moto G smartphones are known for mid-range price tags and reasonably decent bang-for-the-buck hardware. The new Moto G9 Power aims to meet those expectations by offering a pretty standard set of specs for a phone in its price range (about $230), but one stand-out feature: a massive 6,000 mAh battery that should provide two or […]

Tile’s latest Bluetooth trackers have replaceable batteries

Tile sells a line of small, Bluetooth-enabled gadgets that you can put on a keychain or slap on the back of a laptop, tablet, or anything else you want to keep track of. If you misplace your keys, you can fire up the Tile app on a phone to locate the missing device on a […]

Anker PowerHouse 200 is a massive battery that charges all the things

Anker is probably best known for selling a range of affordable-yet-decent portable batteries, chargers, earbuds, and other smartphone accessories through Amazon. But last year the company introduced something a bit bigger, in the form of a 434 Wh battery called the Anker PowerHouse. It’s a $500 beast that has a 3-prong power plug as well […]

Apple responds to iPhone throttling complaints, offers $29 battery replacements throughout 2018

Apple recently acknowledged that some iPhones with degraded batteries would run slower than a model with a newer battery in certain situations. The company says this was to help keep phones from unexpectedly shutting down, but plenty of folks jumped to the conclusion that this was the long sought-after proof that Apple was intentionally crippling […]

Samsung says graphene ball batteries charge faster, hold more power

Over the past few years device makers have brought longer battery life to smartphones, tablets and laptops… but generally that’s been done by stuffing bigger batteries or more energy-efficient components into those gadgets. Meanwhile, fast charging has become all the rage… your battery may not last all day, but at least you can top it […]

Samsung says battery issues caused Galaxy Note 7 fires, 96 percent of phones returned

Samsung has announced the results of its investigation into the cause of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones catching fire and, as expected, the problem has to do with two battery flaws. The company used batteries from two suppliers, and in one case the batteries were too small to safely fit all the components, which led to […]

Researchers develop batteries with built-in fire extinguishers

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphone was on fire last year… literally. Following a massive recall of the smartphone, next week Samsung is expected to reveal the results of it investigation into what caused some phones to catch fire spontaneously. According to Reuters, the problem is battery-related, which is a totally vague, but unsurprising conclusion. Lithium-Ion […]

ChargeTech Plug is a 48,000 mAh battery with two AC wall outlets (for charging nearly anything)

Portable battery packs that you can use to recharge your smartphone are a dime a dozen. OK, not really, but there are plenty that you can buy for a few bucks or more. But what if you want to power your laptop on the go? Or a TV? Maybe even a microwave. There are big, […]

FAA warns passengers not to use Galaxy Note 7 while flying (maybe you should take advantage of that voluntary recall)

Samsung says only a relatively small percentage of the 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones sold to date suffer from a defect that can cause the battery to explode and catch fire. But the company has issued a voluntary recall and will either replace phones you send in with either a new, non-exploding version or […]