Microsoft sues Foxconn, Inventec Barnes & Noble for patent infringement in Android devices

Microsoft is continuing its fight against Android… not just by focusing on Windows tablets and Windows Phone 7 smartphones, but also by taking legal action against companies producing Android devices that Microsoft says are in violation of the company’s patents. Last year Microsoft sued Motorola over patent infringement in some Motorola smartphones. Now Microsoft has […]

Barnes & Noble NOOKcolor firmware update brings pinch-to-zoom to the browser

Barnes & Noble has released a firmware update for the NOOKcolor. The 7 inch eBook Reader also happens to be a pretty decent Android tablet, but if you haven’t rooted the device or replaced the firmware, you might want to grab version 1.1 of the NOOKcolor software, because among other things it: Adds support for […]

Barnes & Noble introduces NOOKstudy eBook software for textbooks, notes

The market for digital book readers is heating up, as is the demand (and supply) of digital books including all sorts of works of fiction and non-fiction. But one eBook market that’s still stuck in the “great potential” stage is the education market. Textbooks cost a lot of money, partially due to their limited printing […]