Daily Deals (11-13-2020)

SiriusXM offers a 3-month free trial when you sign up for the SiriusXM Premier streaming service of the All Access streaming + car service. But you know what’s better than 3 months free? 4 months free. The latest promotion doesn’t cover in-car streaming, but it gets you access to more than 300 channels of ad-free […]

Daily Deals (11-12-2020)

Walmart’s Black Friday Deals have kicked off and, among other things, that means you can you can pick up a Lenovo 8″ Android tablet for $59 (it has a list price of $90). Meanwhile the GPD MicroPC is still on sale for $359 at AliExpress, and Newegg is offering some great deals on barebones Intel […]

Daily Deals (11-11-2020)

Newegg’s Black Friday sale is more of a Black November sale this year. And Best Buy must have gotten tired of running pre-black Friday deals, because now the retailer is doing a 1-day “Treat Yourself” sale instead. All of which is to say, there are certainly worse days to look for a deal on a […]

Daily Deals (11-05-2020)

Amazon has expanded its pre-holiday sale on Amazon devices to include Fire tablets. Best Buy’s early Black Friday sale is continuing. And other stores including Newegg and JBL are getting in on the action with their own inappropriately named Black Friday (or Black November) sales. But you know what’s better than cheap stuff? Free stuff. […]

Daily Deals (11-03-2020)

Now that Intel’s 11th-gen Tiger Lake chips are here, there are some pretty good deals on laptops with last year’s 10th-gen Comet Lake or Ice Lake processors. But some of the best laptop deals to be found these days are for models powered by AMD’s Ryzen 4000U series chips, which offer competitive bang for the […]