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MINIX Mini HD is a cheap, barebones, low-power desktop with an Atom chip

MINIX may be best known around these parts for making tiny computers and TV sticks featuring ARM-based processors and Google Android software. But the company’s also got a line of small motherboards and desktop computers featuring x86 chips. The MINIX Mini HD, for example, is a small form-factor desktop PC with an Intel Atom D2550 […]

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Jetway introduces nettop with NVIDIA ION 2 graphics for under $300

Jetway’s latest Mini Top nettop is a small form factor desktop PC with a low power Intel Atom D525 dual core processor. But what really makes it stand out is the fact that the Jetway nettop is one of the first machines to hit the streets with next-generation NVIDIA ION graphics. Like similar nettops from […]

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Shuttle XPC X50V2 is a barebones, Pine Trail powered all-in-one PC

Shuttle has introduced an updated version of its XPC X50 all-in-one desktop. The new Shuttle XPC X50V2 model swaps out the Intel Atom 330 processor from the original model for a new dual core Intel Atom D510 Pine Trail CPU with integrated GMA 3150 graphics. The updated all-in-one desktop also uses half the power of […]

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Jetway NVIDIA ION powered barebones nettop unboxed – Video

System builder Jetway doesn’t generally sell computers under its own name. That probably explains why the company’s latest barebones nettop has such an awkward name: The JBC230C63P-330D-W. Odds are that if this PC ever hits the streets it will be repackaged and sold under a different brand name from a computer company you have heard […]