UK smartphone maker Wileyfox goes into administration (bankruptcy)

UK-based startup Wileyfox made a small splash in the smartphone space in 2015 when the company launched a line of mid-range phones that shipped with Cyanogen OS. Now it looks like Wileyfox is about as dead as the software that ran on its first phones (although Wileyfox switched to its own custom build of Android in […]

Maker of the Turing phone files for bankruptcy in Finland, but claims the company is still alive and well

A few years ago a startup called Turing Robotic Industries unveiled an unusual smartphone called the Turing Phone. It places an emphasis on privacy and security, has a boxy design with geometric patterns on the back, and it was one of the first modern smartphones to lack a headphone jack. It also doesn’t have a […]

RadioShack bankruptcy: Sprint will take over some stores, others will close

As expected, RadioShack has filed for bankruptcy. The US electronics retailer currently has about 4,000 stores, but the company plans to close more than half of them and liquidate its assets. But some locations could live on, thanks to a deal with Sprint and hedge fund Standard General. Last year Standard General led a group […]