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Capyloon’s web-based OS is now available for mainline Linux phones (PinePhone Pro and Librem 5)

Capyloon is an operating system designed around web apps and technologies that picks up where Firefox OS when Mozilla abandoned its now-abandoned web-based operating system. Capyloon uses Mozilla’s open source Boot to Gecko operating system as its base, but features a new user interface and suite of apps designed with privacy and distributed technologies in mind. […]

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Lilbits: AMD’s 3D V-Cache arrives, the hackers keeping iPods alive, and a mobile OS that picks up where Firefox OS left off

The first chips featuring AMD’s new 3D V-Cache technology have arrived… for servers. AMD says its new EPYC 7003 Milan-X chips have up to three times as much L3 cache as previous-gen processors. And the same technology is coming soon to desktop processors, starting with the Ryzen 7 5800X3D processor which should arrive in about […]

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Mozilla has “stopped all commercial development of Firefox OS”

Remember when Mozilla said it was ceasing development of Firefox OS for smartphones, but that it wasn’t giving up on the browser-based operating system altogether? Yeah, now the organization has pretty much thrown in the towel. After shifting the focus from phones to smart TVs and other Internet of Things products for a while, Mozilla senior […]

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b2gdroid brings Firefox OS experience to Android devices

Want to take Firefox OS for a spin, but don’t want to buy one of the low-power phones that come with the operating system or take the big step of replacing the OS on your existing phone with an unstable build of Boot to Gecko (the open source version of Firefox OS)? Now there’s another […]

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Geeksphone Revolution Android/Firefox phone launches for $300

Spanish phone maker Geeksphone is now taking orders for the Geeksphone Revolution, a phone designed to run either Google Android or the open source version of Firefox OS, also called Boot to Gecko. It’s available from the Geeksphone store for 222 Euros, or a little over $300 US. While the Revolution supports two different operating […]

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Geeksphone Revolution smartphone with Mozilla software launches Feb 20th for $400

The Geeksphone Revolution is a smartphone designed to run the open source version of Firefox OS… or other operating systems. It’s a 4.7 inch phone with mid-range specs — but that could be enough to make it the most powerful phone designed to run Mozilla software so far. And if you’re not happy with that […]

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Geeksphone Revolution to support Android, Mozilla Boot2Gecko, other OSes

Geeksphone was one of the first companies to offer phones with Mozilla’s Boot2Gecko software (the open source version of Firefox OS). Now the company is preparing to launch a new phone which can run Boot2Gecko… or other operating systems. The Geeksphone Revolution is a 4.7 inch phone with mid-range specs. But what makes it really […]

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Early build of Firefox OS ported to the Raspberry Pi

Nokia engineer Oleg Romashin has ported an early version of Firefox OS to run on the Raspberry Pi. Firefox OS is Mozilla’s upcoming operating system for smartphones and tablets. Like Google Android, it uses a Linux kernel, but Firefox puts a heavy emphasis on the web — all the apps it runs are basically web […]

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Mozilla’s mobile operating system on-track for 2012 release

Mozilla has begun work on a mobile operating system, centered around a web browser and web apps. Currently called Boot To Gecko, or B2G, the OS relies on Google Androud source code for some basic functions such as phone calls, text messages, and battery management. But the mobile operating system won’t run Android apps. Gecko […]