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Trigem Averatec N1200 netbook reviewed

Trigem’s Averatec N1200 netbook is an attractive 10.1 inch mini-laptop that has a boxy but professional looking shape reminiscent of the HP Mini 5102. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the HP laptop’s battery life. Laptop Magazine reviewed the Averatec N1200 recently and was barely able to squeeze 2.5 hours of run time out of the 2 […]

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Averatec introduces HS-105 netbook, skips the Pine Trail

As many readers have pointed out in comments on my many posts about the new Intel Atom Pine Trail platform, it’s not that much more powerful than current of Intel Atom chips. Sure, you get lower power consumption and integrated graphics and memory functions, and that’s great if you’re picking up a new netbook. But […]

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Averatec building a netbook with “surprise OS” (Google Android)

The folks at Averatec are working on a new netbook that could be out in August or September. CNet interviewed the company’s CEO and discovered that the mini-laptop will sport a “surprise” operating system that will combine “cell phone and PC technology.” Right now, the most likely candidate is Google Android, an operating system that […]

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Averatec: Yup, our netbook is just another MSI Wind clone

I wasn’t the only who thought the publicity shots Averatec released for the company’s upcoming netbook looked familiar. Laptop Magazine’s Joanna Stern got the chance to ask an Averatec official whether the computer was actually just an MSI Wind notebook with Averatec branding. The answer? Yep. Basically the new computer will be a 10 inch […]

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Averatec to release a netbook – probably just another MSI Wind clone

Averatec, a company long known for producing cheap computers, is jumping into the cheap ultraportable game. The company’s upcoming computer will sport a 10.2 inch display, a 120GB hard drive, weigh less than 3 pounds, and cost between $399 and $499. And you know what? I’m pretty sure it’s just an MSI Wind with a […]