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Motorola now sells two different phones called the Moto G50 for some reason

Motorola launched a new Moto G50 5G smartphone in Australia this week, and for some reason it has a different processor, a different camera layout, and different color options than the other Moto G 50 smartphone that was released for other markets earlier this year. You might think that the 5G in the name explains why […]

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One Education launches 2-in-1 Windows laptop in Australia (the modular model is on hold)

Last year an Australian group called One Education introduced the idea of a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet for students, featuring a modular design that makes it easy to upgrade or replace the screen, battery, camera, and core components including the CPU, memory, and storage. But a crowdfunding campaign  went nowhere, and now it looks like the modular […]

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Android Pay goes international in 2016, starting with Australia

Google’s Android Pay mobile payment system lets you use your smartphone like a credit card. Just tap it against a machine when you’re checking out at thousands of stores and your phone will automatically apply any applicable loyalty cards and charge your credit card, bank account, or other payment method. While Android Pay is currently only […]

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One Education’s modular laptop for kids hits crowfunding site Indiegogo

The Infinity laptop from One Education is a low-cost computer designed for schools and young students. It’s also designed to be easy to repair or upgrade, thanks to a modular design that lets you quickly replace components including the camera, battery, screen, or other parts. One Education introduced the Infinity modular laptop earlier this year, and has […]

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XO-Infinity is a modular laptop for students, picks up where OLPC left off

The One Laptop Per Child project introduced the idea of small, low-cost, low-power durable laptops that could be used by students around the world, with a special focus on developing markets. The first XO Laptop units shipped in 2007, and over the next few years the developers improved the hardware and software… and inspired the […]

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Toshiba Chromebook CB30-007 is a 13 inch Bay Trail laptop

Toshiba is adding a new Chromebook to its lineup. At first glance the new Toshiba Chromebook CB30-007 looks just like the model the company launched earlier this year. But the first Toshiba Chromebook sports an Intel Celeron 2955 Haswell processor. The new model has a lower-power Celeron N2830 Bay Trail chip. The new Bay Trail model […]

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Toshiba Satellite U840 14 inch ultrabook arrives in Australia

Toshiba has introduced a new ultrabook with a 14 inch display. It will be available soon in Australia for $1499 Australian, or a little over $$1699 US — but computers tend to be pretty pricey down under. I suspect the Toshiba Satellite U840 will be a little more affordable if and when it makes it […]

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You lose some, you sue some: Apple lawsuits in Germany, Australia

In today’s edition of the worldwide courtroom drama that is Apple versus everybody, the iPhone and iPad maker is going on the offensive in Australia — while suffering a pretty serious setback in Germany. Motorola had sued Apple in Germany for infringement of a patent related to email account synchronization. A judge has ruled in […]

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Court: Samsung can sell Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia

While Samsung’s legal battle with Apple over tablets continues in Germany, an Australian court has lifted a ban on Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales in that country. This summer Australian authorities had issued a preliminary injunction on Samsung’s tablet sales, but an appeals court has overturned that ruling. That’s not necessarily the end of the story […]

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Samsung tablet sales paused in Australia due to Apple lawsuit

Apple appears to be having much more success with its lawsuits outside of the US these days. This weekend we found out that the Amazon Appstore had stopped accepting software from German developers due to a trademark suit over the term “App Store.” Now Bloomberg is reporting that Apple has managed to put a temporary […]