Google Daydream’s experimental new features include smartphone apps in VR, 6 degrees of freedom

Google jumped into virtual reality in a low-cost, low-key way a few years ago when the company introduced Cardboard: a platform that literally let you put a smartphone into a cardboard headset to experience 360-degree videos and other basic VR content. The company stepped things up a bit in 2016 with the launch of the […]

Magic Leap’s augmented reality headset launches for $2,295

Augmented reality is already here, thanks to smartphone apps that let you collect Pokémon in real-world locations, measure objects by pointing your smartphone at them, or interact with Star Wars characters jumping on your couch. But as cool as it is to see virtual objects superimposed on real-world settings on your phone screen, it’s always clear […]

Google’s Measure app lets you measure distances with any ARCore-capable Android phone

Google released an Android app called Measure in 2016, letting you measure length or height using your phone’s camera(s) by drawing a line between two points. At launch, Measure only supported phones with Google’s depth-sensing Project Tango technology. But now Tango has been replaced by Google’s ARCore augmented reality platform, and Google has updated Measure […]

Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 is a processor aimed at VR and AR headsets

There are already a handful of virtual reality headsets powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon chips, but up until now headsets with Snapdragon chips have basically used the same processors as smartphones. Now Qualcomm has unveiled its first chip designed specifically for virtual reality and augmented reality devices. It’s called the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1, with XR standing […]

Google ARCore 1.2 brings multiplayer support to augmented reality games and apps

Google is updating its augmented reality API by offering the ability for placing apps on vertical surfaces (like placing virtual artwork on a textured wall), and new tools for developers. But possibly the coolest new feature in ARCore 1.2 is one that makes it possible for multiple people to interact with the same augmented reality […]

Snap’s new Spectacles are slimmer, waterproof, support still photography (and video)

As expected, Snap is updating its wearable camera. The new Snap Spectacles are now available for $150 and the company has updated the design, making the new version slimmer and lighter. Snap’s new Spectacles are also waterproof and feature support for snapping still photos. The original Snap Spectacles only supported video (you can still shoot short videos […]

Leap Motion unveils $100 augmented reality & hand tracking system

Leap Motion’s hand-tracking technology that lets you control a PC using hand gestures hasn’t really caught on since it first launched almost 5 years ago. But the company’s still around, and now Leap Motion is unveiling something that could be revolutionary… or it could just be another cool idea that fails to catch on. The […]