Lilbits: Facebook’s wristband, next-gen iPads, and Live Caption comes to Chrome

Facebook is working on a new wrist-worn device that uses sensors to detect the electrical motor nerve signals running from your brain to your fingers, allowing it to notice when you move your finger as little as one millimeter. And that could open the door for new ways to interact with virtual reality or augmented […]

Microsoft Mesh is a cross-platform mixed reality platform for virtual meetings (and maybe Pokémon GO)

Microsoft has been demonstrating how its Hololens mixed reality headset could be used for virtual meetings for about as long as Hololens has been a thing. Now the company is launching a new virtual meeting platform called Microsoft Mesh that works with Hololens, but also with a range of other hardware including phones, tablets, PCs, and […]

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is faster and cheaper

Google Glass never really took of as a consumer device. But Google hasn’t given up on its head-mounted display platform. Two years after launching Google Glass Enterprise Edition, Google is launching an upgraded version with a faster processor, better camera performance, and optional safety frames for use in manufacturing and other industrial environments. Google Glass […]

Lenovo’s ThinkReality headset takes on HoloLens in enterprise augmented reality

Lenovo introduced its first “mixed reality” headsets since 2017, but like most devices designed to use Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform, the Lenovo Explorer was really more of a virtual reality headset that blocked out the real world and replaced it with a virtual one. The company’s new ThinkReality A6, meanwhile, is a true augmented reality […]

Magic Leap One augmented reality headset heads to (some) AT&T stores starting April 1st

The Magic Leap One Creator Edition is an expensive piece of technology that’s not really aimed at consumers yet… but which could help pave the way for the future where wearable devices blur the lines between the physical and digital worlds. Maybe. Kind of. Anyway, the folks at Magic Leap began selling the headset to […]

Bose Frames coming in January for $200: Sunglasses with sound (and audio augmented reality)

Bose is a company best known for making audio products including headphones and speakers. But now the company is getting into a new business: sunglasses. Sort of. Earlier this year the company unveiled a new platform called Bose AR featuring a set of sunglasses with integrated sensors and audio components. Unlike Google Glass, Bose AR […]