Augen demos its new line of Android tablets

The Augen Gentouch78 got a lot of attention last year as the first sub-$200 Android tablet available from a major US retailer. It’s also a pretty lousy tablet, with a rather unresponsive 7 inch resistive touchscreen display, awkward button placement, and no accelerometer — which makes screen rotation kind of a hassle. But Augen is […]

Augen to launch 6 new Android tablets ranging from $200 to $600

The Augen GenTouch78 may have received pretty lousy reviews, and Augen may have been forced by Google to remove access to the Android Market (it never really worked anyway). But that’s not stopping the company from moving full steam ahead into the great Android tablet beyond. Augen has announced plans to introduce 6 new tablets, […]

Augen release GenTouch78 update with screen calibration, USB charging

Augen may not be likely to bring full Android Market access to the GenTouch78 tablet anytime soon, but the company did push out some software updates last week that goes a long way in addressing some issues early customers have had with the $150 Android tablet. The company’s August 4th firmware update adds a screen […]

Don’t bank on KMart’s $150 Augen tablet getting Android Market access

When KMart started advertising that the Augen GenTouch78 tablet which the store was selling for $150 would have access to the Android Market, I was skeptical. Google may not review every  app in the Android Market with as much rigor (and suspicion) as Apple does with the iTunes App Store. But to date, Google has […]