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Lilbits: A phone that charges in 9 minutes, Qualcomm v ARM, and why the Pixel 7 is 64-bit only (according to Google)

With most modern smartphone makers having access to the same processor, memory, storage, and display technology as their competitors, some companies have found other ways to stand out. For Google it’s photography. And for some Chinese phone makers like Xiaomi and Oppo it’s fast charging. Case in point: does anyone need a mid-range phone with […]

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Lilbits: Raspberry Pi OS, a tiny computer module with a 16-core CPU, and a Quick Look clone for Windows

The developers of Raspberry Pi OS have released a new build that eliminates the default “pi” user account, which means that in the interest of security you’ll need to create a new account when setting up the operating system for Raspberry Pi computers. Meanwhile SolidRun has introduced a new system on a module that it […]

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Lilbits: Surface with Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 leaked, Indiegogo tries to build confidence, and Precursor could ship soon

Qualcomm introduced its Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 processor in December, promising an enormous 85% performance boost over the company’s previous-gen chip for Windows laptops and tablets. So far no devices with the processor have officially launched. But leaked benchmarks for an unannounced Lenovo device suggested that the chip really might deliver on that promise, at […]

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Walmart eBooks launches (with a little help from Kobo)

As promised earlier this year, Walmart has officially entered the eBook space with the launch of Walmart eBooks. The move is clearly intended to compete with market-leader Amazon. Not only can shoppers choose from a library of 6 million eBooks, but Walmart is also offering an audiobook subscription service that lets you pay $10 per […]

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Google Play now offers audiobooks

As expected, Google is now selling audiobooks through the Google Play Store. Customers in 45 countries can find audiobooks in 9 languages, along with all the other things that Google sells through the Play Store (including apps, games, movies, TV shows, and books). Google notes that you can listen to purchased books using an Android […]

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TuneIn Premium will drop audiobook streaming on January 15th

TuneIn is probably one of the most popular mobile apps for streaming radio stations, but a little over two years ago the company also launched a TuneIn Premium subscription service that lets you stream ad-free content, listen to live sports broadcasts, and stream audiobooks. Now the company is shutting down the audiobook portion of that […]

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How to listen to OverDrive library audiobooks on nearly any mobile device

Many public libraries around the world partner with OverDrive to let you borrow eBooks and audiobooks. While OverDrive lets you listen to audiobooks in a web browser or using mobile apps, there are also other ways to listen. You can burn audiobooks to CDs. Or you can just download use OverDrive’s desktop app to download […]

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TuneIn launches premium service with ad-free radio, audiobooks

TuneIn is a sort of one-stop-shop for internet radio stations, letting you listen to local or international broadcasts over the internet. Now the company is launching a subscription service called TuneIn Premium. For $8 per month, you get access to ad-free radio stations, live sports broadcasts, and a library of audiobooks. Like the free version of […]