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Braven Fuse Bluetooth portable audio mixer coming soon for $100

Braven makes a line of Bluetooth speakers. But in January the company unveiled something a bit different: a Bluetooth portable audio mixer called the Braven Fuse. It’s a small device that can connect to multiple devices to let you mix audio in real-time. The Braven Fuse should be available soon for $100, and the portable mixer […]

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iRig 2 turns iPhones, Android 5.0 phones into guitar amps or effects processors

The iRig was a huge hit for iOS musicians when it first launched in 2010. This was one of the first and, at the time, best adapters to allow you to connect your guitar to your iPhone or iPad. Since then, IK Multimedia has launched dozens of accessories and apps for musicians with most of […]

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Sony to spin off audio, video division as a new company

Japanese consumer electronics company spun off its PC division last year, creating a new company called VAIO which has launched some nice-looking machines which are only available in Japan. Sony also created a new subsidiary out of its TV division at the time. Now Sony is getting ready to shed another portion of its business. […]

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Now (some) Samsung phones can work as guitar effects pedals

Google Android 5.0 includes audio improvements that, among other things, will make it easier to use an Android phone or tablet for professional music production. But if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy Note Edge you don’t need to wait for Android 5.0. IK Multimedia has released new hardware and software that […]

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Google brings low latency audio processing to Android L

Android phones and tablets already make pretty decent portable media players. But some of the best mobile apps for recording or creating audio are still iOS-only. That’s at least partly bbecause Apple’s smartphone and tablet operating system supports low-latency audio processing, something that’s been missing from Android… until now. The next version of Google Android is […]

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Raspberry Pi gets enhanced audio with a Wolfson card (that costs as much as the PC itself)

The Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive computer board which features a processor, SD card slot for storage, HDMI output, and USB ports. But what the basic Raspberry Pi doesn’t included dedicated audio hardware — you can add a headset or digital audio convert with a USB peripheral or by using some of the GPIO connectors […]

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Qualcomm introduces AllPlay, because we need another wireless media streaming standard

Want to stream music from your smartphone to a set of high quality speakers, but don’t want to use Bluetooth and don’t have an iPhone with AirPlay support? Qualcomm is launching its own wireless audio streaming protocol called AllPlay. You can use it to stream music or other content from supported apps and devices to […]

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Skype overhauls Android app with tablet UI, Microsoft logins

Skype 3.0 for Android is available, and it brings a new tablet-friendly user interface, as well as the ability to sign in with an existing Skype ID or a Microsoft account. The move comes shortly after Microsoft announced plans to retire Windows Live Messenger and merge the service with Skype (which the company bought in […]