Atari VCS game console is now shipping (It’s real and it… needs software updates)

The Atari VCS is a modern take on a classic game console. With a design inspired by the 1980s-era Atari 2600, the new version is designed to play games designed for the original as well as newer titles. And it can do a lot more. Under the hood, the Atari VCS is basically a Linux […]

Lilbits 386: Cheating at benchmarks

Benchmark utilities are designed to let you run the same exact test on multiple phones, PCs, or other devices so you can get an apples-to-apples comparison and see how they stack up against one another in terms of CPU, graphics, memory, and storage performance, among other things. At least that’s the idea. In practice, some […]

Atari acquires Wonder, developer of the Android-based WonderOS gaming platform

A few years ago a startup called Wonder announced plans to release a gaming smartphone that worked a lot like a Nintendo Switch. While you could use the device as a standalone smartphone, you could also attach controllers for mobile gaming sessions or connect it to a dock for gaming at home. That phone never […]

Atari shows of VCS motherboard… as its designer quits the project

The Atari VCS is a retro-inspired game console that’s basically a small PC with an AMD Ryzen Embedded processor and Radeon Vega graphics. It’s expected to run a custom Linux-based operating system with support for classic games and some modern titles. First unveiled as a concept more than two years ago, the latest word from […]

Atari VCS game console gets pre-release upgrade (to AMD Ryzen)

When the folks working on the upcoming Atari VCS game console first announced plans to launch a gaming PC for the living room with classic Atari design features, the plan was to ship an inexpensive system powered by a 2016-era AMD Bristol Ridge processor. Now the developers have announced that they’ve retooled their design and […]

Crowdfunded Gameband watch cancelled (no tiny screen Atari games for you)

The Gameband was supposed to be a watch with a 1.6 inch touchscreen display, the sort of hardware you’d expect to find in a smartwatch, and a focus on gaming — the developers partnered with Atari and planned to load the Gameband with games including Asteroids, breakout, Centipede and Pong. But a year and a […]

Atari VCS gets 8GB RAM spec bump, will be bootable from USB devices

The Atari VCS is a work-in-progress game console with a design inspired by the classic Atari 2600. But while the VCS will come with a bunch of 80s-era games pre-loaded, it’s basically designed to be a full-fledged computer with (relatively) modern specs. The folks at Atari launched a crowdfunding campaign for the VCS in May, […]