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Google’s Project Vault is a security system on a microSD card

Google’s ATAP team has unveiled a device that looks like an ordinary microSD card. But Project Vault is actually a tiny computer that can add security features to just about any phone, tablet, or computer, allowing you to protect important files and communication. Well, almost any of those devices… it’s a little funny that Google […]

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Google’s Project Jacquard turns clothing and other textiles into wearable

Google has two new projects aimed at giving us new ways to interact with our devices. One is a radar-powered system for using 3D gestures to control wearables and other gadgets. The other is a wearable technology called Project Jacquard which literally weaves touch sensors into fabric. That means your next shirt, sport coat, or pair […]

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Google Project Soli: Tiny radar brings gesture support to wearables

Smartwatches and other wearable devices promise to deliver info-at-a-glance on a tiny display. But that small screen can be hard to interact with. So Google is looking for new ways to control wearable devices and other products that don’t involve touching a screen. Project Soli is one an experimental project to use radar technology to […]

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Android M, new wearables coming to Google I/O this month?

Google’s annual Google I/O developer conference starts on May 28th and the company has just released the schedule for the 2-day event. Developers can learn about ways to add features o improve performance of their Android apps, get information about developing for Android TV, or learn about Chrome OS or web apps. But the schedule also hints at […]

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Google’s modular Project Ara smartphones to support Rockchip processors

Google’s Project Ara is an effort to design a modular smartphone so that customers can buy just the skeleton of a phone and then attach the screen, battery, processor, and other components as they see fit. The earliest prototypes have been powered by Texas Instruments OMAP 4460 processors. Now the Project Ara team has announced that […]

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Lilbits (8-18-2014): Chrome web apps going native(ish) on Android

Google is working on a new project called “Fizz” which is designed to make mobile web apps more like native apps. In other words, developers may eventually be able to send work even when you’re offline, send push notifications, or perform other actions just as if they were native apps. You won’t even need to have […]