Shocker: Asus warranty doesn’t cover exploding 3rd party batteries

OK, seriously, did anyone think that their Asus Eee PC warranty would cover damaged by third party peripherals? Last month, high capacity batteries for the Eee PC started showing up on eBay. These 10400mAh batteries have twice the capacity of a standard Eee PC battery, meaning your laptop should run twice as long on battery […]

Asus: Atom shortage will last until September

The world is waiting with baited breath for June, when Intel will launch its low-power, moderate performance Atom processor designed for ultraportable laptops (and by world, I mean Liliputing readers). Unfortunately, demand is going to be so high for these chips that Intel has already said it’d going to have a tough time keeping up. […]

Asus considers battery upgrades for early adopters

Being an early adopter is tough. On the one hand, you get cool new gadgets before anyone else. On the other hand, you also get them before the bugs are worked out and sometimes before you even really know what you’re getting. When customers lined up in Hong Kong to pick up the new Eee […]

Intel, Asus chiefs predict massive growth in low-cost laptop market

If you think there are a lot of low-cost ultraportable computers hitting the market this year, just wait. Intel officials say the company expects low-cost computer shipments to top 100 million between now and 2011. Meanwhile, Asus president Jerry Shen expects to sell 10 million Eee PCs in 2008 and twice as many next year. […]