Rumor: Asus to launch EBOX, the Eee PC desktop

Word on the street, (and by Street, I mean The Inquirer) is that Asus is set to officially unveil its first desktop computer to get the Eee PC-branding treatment at Computex next week. The new PC will reportedly be called the EBOX, and like it’s Eee PC laptop cousins, it will be rather tiny. Like, […]

Shocker: Asus warranty doesn’t cover exploding 3rd party batteries

OK, seriously, did anyone think that their Asus Eee PC warranty would cover damaged by third party peripherals? Last month, high capacity batteries for the Eee PC started showing up on eBay. These 10400mAh batteries have twice the capacity of a standard Eee PC battery, meaning your laptop should run twice as long on battery […]