First official images of the Eee PC 1000

Asus will officially unveil the Eee PC 1000 tomorrow, but French site Blogeee snagged a couple of high resolution images of thew new computer today. And you know what? It looks an awful lot like the Eee PC 901. In fact the two computers are pretty much identical, but the 901 has an 8.9 inch […]

Asus Eee Box specs revealed

It looks like Hot Hardware got their hands on the official specs for the Eee PC-branded desktop. The Eee Box B202 shares many features with the upcoming Eee PC 901 laptop, like 802.11n and Bluetooth, but the Eee Box comes in desktop form, which allows the company to give the computer more storage space and […]

Asus shows off Wii-style remote controls for the Eee PC

Asus apparently plans to introduce a motion-sensing remote control that can be used to play video games on an Eee PC (or other computer) at Computex. Have I mentioned that the company seems to be getting carried away with slapping the Eee moniker on every new product? The Eee remote controls look a lot like […]

Asus starts appending Eee PC name to everything, even high end PCs

Asus appears determined to dilute the Eee PC brand by slapping the name on every possible product. Electronista reports that the company plans to rebrand its upcoming Essentio CS5110 computer as the “Eee Station.” The Eee Station will be a bit larger than the Eee Box, another Eee PC-branded desktop. But while the Eee Box […]

Asus Eee Box gets dissected

Asus is preparing to ship the desktop version of the Eee PC in July. AnandTech got a chance to check out a prototype Eee Box (formerly rumored to be known as the EBOX), and like any good tech site, one of the first things they did was dissect the unit and take a look at […]