Asus postpones UK battery replacement program

Asus is sending out emails to UK Eee PC 900 owners letting them know that they will not be able to trade in their 4400mAh batteries for higher capacity 5800mAh batteries. When Asus sent out review units of the Eee PC before launching the computer, Asus included the higher capacity batteries. But when it came […]

Asus adds handwriting pad to the Eee lineup for some reason

I’m starting to suspect that Asus will never release another new product that doesn’t bear the Eee PC name. Take the company’s new handwriting pad, designed for use with the Eee PC. It looks like the pad is almost the same size as an Eee PC, which sort of defeats the purpose of carrying an […]

First look at the Eee Monitor all-in-one PC

While Asus isn’t ready to show off its upcoming all-in-one PC just yet, the company did show a few tantalizing images of the “Eee Monitor” at Computex. If you think the Eee Monitor looks an awful lot like an iMac, you’re not alone. But there’s one major difference: The Eee Monitor will have a starting […]