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Deals of the Day (1-3-2012)

The Asus Zenbook UX31-RSL8 is a 13.3 inch ultrabook with an Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge processor, 128GB solid state disk, and Windows 7 Home Premium. It’s not exactly a state-of-the-art ultrabook, but it’s still one of the thinnest and lightest notebooks around, measuring 0.7 inches thick and weighing 2.9 pounds. Newegg is selling refurbished […]

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The first Asus Zenbooks are now available for purchase

Just a day after Asus introduced its new Zenbook ultraportable laptops, the first few models are available for purchase. The Zenbook line of laptops feature thin and light case designs, solid state storage, and software designed to offer long battery life and quick resume from standby. Intel calls these ultrabooks, but Asus uses the Zenbook […]

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Asus to launch UX series ultrabooks October 11th

An ultrabook is a thin and light laptop which weighs less than three pounds, measures less than 0.8 inches thick, and has a starting price of under $1000. Intel coined the term this summer and also wants ultrabooks to have solid state disks and the latest Intel processors, although not every manufacturer seems to be on […]

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Asus to launch 5 or more ultrabooks for $799 and up in October

Intel is pushing ultrabooks as a new category of thin, light, and affordable laptops with fast processors and fanless case designs. Imagine a computer that weighs about as much as a netbook but which packs as much power as a full-sized laptop and has a larger display and keyboard to boot. That’s an ultrabook. While […]