Asus to launch UX series ultrabooks October 11th

An ultrabook is a thin and light laptop which weighs less than three pounds, measures less than 0.8 inches thick, and has a starting price of under $1000. Intel coined the term this summer and also wants ultrabooks to have solid state disks and the latest Intel processors, although not every manufacturer seems to be on […]

Asus to launch 5 or more ultrabooks for $799 and up in October

Intel is pushing ultrabooks as a new category of thin, light, and affordable laptops with fast processors and fanless case designs. Imagine a computer that weighs about as much as a netbook but which packs as much power as a full-sized laptop and has a larger display and keyboard to boot. That’s an ultrabook. While […]

So much for affordable ultrabooks: Asus says prices could top $1000

Ultraportable laptops are nothing new. The Toshiba Libretto, for instance, packed a full PC into a tiny case with a 6.1 inch display way back in 1996. but up until recently if you wanted an ultraportable notebook you had to pay an ultra-expensive price. Miniaturization doesn’t come cheap. Netbooks changed that, driving down the cost […]