AT&T preps for Asus Padfone X launch by unveiling specs (but no price or launch date)

AT&T has already promised it would begin selling the Asus Padfone X this year, but we haven’t heard much out of the company since that early January announcement. Now AT&T has revealed more details about the upcoming 2-in-1 phone/tablet hybrid. There’s still no word on a launch date, but with the Padfone X passing through […]

Asus Padfone X coming soon to AT&T

Asus is getting ready to bring its first Padfone to the United States. For the past few years the company has been offering a line of smartphones designed to connect with tablet docking stations to give you a bigger screen and bigger battery while keeping all of your data on one device: your phone. But […]

Asus Padfone X smartphone/tablet hybrid coming soon?

There’s evidence that the next smartphone/tablet hybrid from Asus will be called the Padfone X. The company users the Padfone name to describe smartphones that are designed to work with optional tablet docks, giving you the chance to use the phone’s hardware with a larger display and battery. This month Asus unveiled the Padfone mini, […]