Deals of the Day (11-08-11)

The Asus Eee PC 900 may have been released way back in the netbook stone ages of 2008 — but the truth of the matter is that netbooks haven’t gotten much more powerful in the past three years, and the Eee PC 900 can still hold its own for most day-to-day computing tasks. It’s also […]

Eee PC trumps OLPC for use in developing nations in slightly biased test

The OLPC XO Laptop was designed for use in developing nations. The computer gets excellent battery life, which makes it ideal for use in locations with limited access to electricity. And it has a unique interface designed to make the laptops simple to use for children that have had little to no exposure to computers. […]

Eee PC 10400 mAh battery is big – in every sense of the word

Remember that big ole 10400 mAh battery for the Eee PC 701/900 series I told you about the other day? It’s cheap as all get out at just under $50. But DealExtreme, the company selling the battery, conveniently didn’t have any pictures showing the battery actually plugged into a computer. Fortunately for us, at least […]