Enable audio on Eee PCs running OS X with Audieee

As we’ve reported in the past, while installing OS X on a newer Asus Eee PC model like the Eee PC 901 or 1000H is a relatively simple process, getting all of the hardware to work is a bit trickier. One of the most finnicky bits to get working is audio. Apparently some clever hackers […]

What recession? Asus ships 700,000 netbooks in September

The state of the netbook is apparently pretty strong. Not only are the tiny laptops taking over the Amazon Sales charts, and hitting the top 10 list at Notebook Review, but they’re generally selling like hotcakes. According to DigiTimes, Asus shipped 1.7 million netbooks in the third quarter of 2008, with 700,000 shipped in September […]

Launch2net for the Eee PC simplifies mobile wireless connections

While it’s certainly possible to connect a Linux-based laptop to a 3G wireless connection if you have the right hardware, most mobile operators don’t make it easy. Few offer Linux based connection software, focusing instead on Windows and/or OS X. But Nova Media’s new launch2net aims to make it easier for Eee PC customers to […]