Planet Computers Astro Slide 5G smartphone coming in June (following a spec change and pandemic-related delay)

Planet Computers has been making smartphones with physical keyboards, unlocked bootloaders and support for Android or Linux software for a few years. I went hands-on with the Gemini PDA at CES 2018 and the Cosmo Communicator at CES 2019. Now the company is getting ready to ship its third phone. Planet Computer introduced the Astro […]

Planet Computers Astro Slide is a 5G smartphone with a slide-out keyboard (crowdfunding)

All the major smartphone makers gave up on physical keyboards years ago. But a handful of smaller companies are keeping the dream alive — and the new Astro Slide smartphone from Planet Computers is the third phone from the company that not only has a QWERTY keyboard, but also a laptop-like design. That said, while […]