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ASRock Beebox-S launches mini PC with Skylake CPU

The ASRock Beebox line of mini-desktop computers launched last year with low-cost, low-power models featuring Celeron processors based on Intel Braswell architecture. These days you can pick one up for between $125 and $200, depending on the configuration: there are barebones models and versions that ship with Windows 10 Home). But now there’s another option […]

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ASRock DeskMini is a tiny desktop with an upgradeable CPU

Earlier this year a few companies started showing off motherboards based on Intel’s new mini STX standard. Now ASRock has launched a tiny desktop with a mini STX board… making the new ASRock DeskMini one of the smallest computers with a a socket that lets you swap out one CPU for another. The mini STX platform […]

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ASRock Beebox Braswell-powered mini PC now available for $140

The ASRock Beebox N3000 is a tiny desktop computer with a low-power Intel Celeron N3000 Braswell processor. We first learned about this mini PC in May, and now it’s available in the United States. Newegg is selling the Beebox N3000 for $140. That price gets you a barebones computer with Intel’s Braswell processor and Intel […]

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ASRock Beebox: fanless mini PC with Intel Braswell, USB type-C

ASRock plans to launch a small desktop computer with a low-power Intel Celeron N3000 dual-core processor and passive cooling (which means no noisy fans). It’s called the ASRock Beebox, and according to Hungarian website iPon, it’ll probably be available in select markets starting in June or July. The Beebox is about the same size as […]

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Lilbits (8-07-2014): Google Fit is coming

Google wants to make it easier for fitness-related Android apps to talk to one another, so the company is introducing a new series of APIs for developers. The platform is called Google Fit, and it’ll be available to the public when Android L is released this fall. But developers don’t have to wait until then […]

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ASRock to launch a tablet PC

ASRock is best known for producing motherboards, and maybe a few laptop and nettop computers. But DigiTimes reports ASRock plans to launch an Android tablet later this year. According to the report, the specs haven’t been finalized, but it looks like the ASRock tablet will feature an NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip and it will run […]

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ASRock Vision 3D 135B is a home theater in a tiny box

Yesterday I was griping about how tiny desktop computers (nettops) often lack optical disc drives (although you could almost overlook that thanks to the low price tags and moderate performance offered by these little guys). Today a reader brought a tiny desktop to my attention that addresses that oversight quite nicely — although I’m sure […]

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ASRock ION 330HT-BD nettop unboxed, dissected, examined

The ASRock ION 330HT-BD is the latest nettop from ASRock. It sports NVIDIA ION graphics and an Intel Atom 330 dual core processor, but that’s hardly enough to make this little computer stand out from a number of similar machines with virtually identical specs. But the ION330HT-BD also meets EuP 2.0 standards, which means it […]