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ART is coming: Dalvik removed from the Android Open Source Project master branch

The next version of Google Android will likely include a major change that average users won’t notice at all… unless they notice that apps generally run more quickly. Google has been working on replacing the Dalvik virtual machine that powers Android apps with something called ART since last year. Now it looks like ART is […]

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Adobe launches new art apps for smartphones, tablets

Adobe is introducing its next-generation of apps for writing, drawing, and editing and managing images. In addition to updated versions of the company’s Creative Suite for desktop, there are a number of new apps for mobile devices… and by mobile devices I mean iPhone and iPad. I don’t see any mention of Android in the […]

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Goodbye Dalvik? Android code commit makes ART runtime the default

For as long as Android has been around the operating system has relied on the Dalvik virtual machine as the platform apps run on. Now it looks like Google is getting to replace Dalvik with a new runtime called ART. While Dalvik uses “just-in-time” processing to compile code on the fly, ART using an “ahead-of-time” process […]

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Lilbits (11-7-2013): Internet Archive hit by fire, Nexus 5 hit by dissection tools

Backing up the data on your computer, phone, and other devices is a good way to make sure you don’t lose anything in the event of a fire or other disaster. The folks at the non-profit Internet Archive go a bit further by trying to make backups of everything they can — books, web pages, movies, […]

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Artopz Minitopz blurs the line between art and cheap desktop computers

Part of the point of nettops is that these tiny computers are cheap thanks to their underwhelming processors and other specs. But someone apparently forgot to send that memo to the folks behind the Artopz Minitopz, which has a price tag of $2375 and up. That said, it’s certainly one of the most intriguing looking […]