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Samsung says it’s working on 64-bit smartphone chips too

Apple may be the only company offering smartphones with 64-bit processors right now, but Apple won’t be alone for long. Samsung says it’s next-generation phones will also have 64-bit chips. The Korea Times reports Samsung is working on 64-bit chips, and that they should be ready in time for the company’s “next smartphones.” While Samsung […]

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AMD’s first ARM-based chips coming to servers in 2014

Chip maker AMD is starting to provide details about its first ARM-based processors, and while the new chip are more efficient than a typical x86 processor, they’re kind of low-power powerhouses. In mid-2014 AMD will start shipping ARM-based chips code-named “Seattle,” packing up to 16 ARM Cortex-A57 processor cores. AMD Seattle chips will be 64-bit […]

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First ARM Cortex-A57 chips get closer to production (64-bit, 20nm chips)

ARM and TSMC have announced that they’ve now taped-out the first ARM Cortex-A57 processor. Taping out is basically the last part of the design process, and it means that we’re one step closer to seeing processors based on ARM’s next-generation designs. It could be a while before they hit the streets though. Current-generation ARM Cortex-A15 […]

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ARM Cortex-A50 chips coming in 2014, bringing higher performance, lower power consumption

Chip designer ARM has announced that it’s next-generation chips should arrive in 2014. ARM Cortex-A50 chips will be the first ARM-based processors to feature 64-bit processing, and at launch there will be two versions — one aimed at significantly boosting performance, and the other at reducing power consumption. The new chips designs are the first […]