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ARM Cortex-A12 and Cortex-A17 chips are identical

When Chinese chip maker Rockchip launched its RK3288 processor earlier this year there was some confusion about whether it was based on ARM Cortex-A12 or Cortex-A17 designs. It turns out it doesn’t matter: ARM says that while the two types of chips were originally designed to offer different performance levels, but due to demand for better […]

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ARM introduces Cortex-A12 chips for mid-range phones, tablets

Chip designer ARM is taking aim at the low-to-mid range smartphone market with its new ARM Cortex-A12 platform. The company figures we could see ARM Cortex-A12 chips in mobile devices that sell for between $200 and $350. ARM figures we could see Cortex-A12 chips in upcoming smartphones, tablet, television boxes, networking devices, and other products. […]