BeagleBone Black is a $45 Android, Linux computer and hardware prototyping board

There’s a new player in the low-cost, ARM-based, mini-computer space. The BeagleBone Black is a $45 device which can run Linux or Android software and which can be used as a barebones computer or as the brains of a hardware project such as a robot, a home automation system, or more. It’s sort of what […]

UDOO: $109 single-board computer is like an Arduino crossed with a Raspberry Pi

Arduino boards are small, inexpensive devices that let you build things with sensors (to control anything from a robot to a home automation system). The Raspberry Pi is a small, single board computer that can run Linux-based software. But what if you want a board that can do both of those things? That’s where the […]

Raspberry Pi Gertboard expansion board is here

The Raspberry Pi is a tiny, inexpensive PC with a 700 MHz ARM111 processor, 256MB of memory, and an SD card slot for storage. It’s capable of running a desktop Linux-based operating system, and you can connect a keyboard, mouse, Ethernet cable, and monitor to use it like a full-fledged (but cheap and relatively slow) […]

Arduino launches new hardware for Android development, Ethernet

Arduino makes a series of low cost, barebones, open-source hardware and software designed for students, artists, hackers, or pretty much anyone with a little technical know-how to build their own electronic devices. Now the company is adding a few new products to its lineup. One of the most interesting additions is a new Arduino ADK […]

Google expands Android beyond smartphones and tablets

Google Android may have started off as a smartphone operating system, but the software now powers tablets, set-top-boxes running Google TV, and even some laptops. Now Google is embracing the expansion of the Android platform with a few new announcements. First, Google is baking USB host support into Android 3.1 and launching an Android Open […]

Arduino Project: iPod Touch browser-based LCD sketch pad

Picture this: You draw or write something on your iPod touch, and it instantly shows up on a wireless display that’s linked to your iPod touch over a web connection. That’s exactly what young engineer Saeki Yoshiyasu has put together. He’s creatively used a Arduino, with a WebSocket server he wrote with Pythan/Tornado and utilizes HTML5, […]