Second-Gen UDOO to have Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Sensors (crowdfunding)

Two years ago, a mini mash-up was created in the form of UDOO, which brought together Raspberry Pi and Arduino into one. Now the company behind UDOO is back with a plan to build a more powerful model called the UDOO Neo, which combines Raspberry Pi and Arduino, and also comes with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, […]

pcDuino3 nano is a smaller, cheaper mini PC with Arduino support

The makers of the pcDuino line of products offer several small, low-power single-board computers with ARM processors and support for Arduino Shields. The latest model is the smallest (and cheapest) to date. The pcDuino3 nano is now available for $39. This tiny computer features an Allwinner A20 dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor with support for Android and […]

Crowdfunding: 3 incredibly tiny PC modules starting at just $15

There was a time when computers were enormous, expensive machines that filled entire rooms. Now you can pick up a tiny desktop computer like the Raspberry Pi for about $35. But there’s room to go even smaller… and cheaper. Three new projects hit crowdfunding campaign Indiegogo recently, with the developers hoping to raise funds to offer incredibly […]

pcDuino8 dev board with Allwinner A80 in the works

The makers of the recently-launched pcDuino3 single board computer are already working on a next-generation model with a more powerful processor. LinkSprite and Allwinner have announced that the upcoming pcDuino8 will features an Allwinner A80 octa-core processor. The pcDuino platform combines the features of a Raspberry Pi-like single board computer or developer board with support for […]

Gameduino 2 turns Arduino into a handheld game console for $59 (Kickstarter)

There’s no shortage of ways to play games on the go these days, using a smartphone or handheld console like a Nintento DS or PlayStation Vita. But if you want something a little more DIY, Gameduino 2 is a Kickstarter project that provides a kit for turning an Arduino board into a portable gaming device. […]

Intel Galileo is an Arduino-compatible board with an Intel Quark processor

Intel is taking aim at the DIY, maker, and education markets with a new Arduino-compatible developer board powered by the company’s new low-power Quark X1000 system-on-a-chip. The Intel Galileo board works with Arduino shields, and supports Arduino programming software, which opens the door to all sorts of dev kits and DIY projects. Most Arduino-compatible devices […]

Babuino wants to turn your smartphone into a mouse, game controller etc for $25 and up

A group of developers have come up with a USB flash drive-sized device that lets you connect your smartphone to a computer or other device and use it as wireless mouse, keyboard, game controller, or camera. It’s called the Babuino, and it also works the other way around — letting you use your computer’s keyboard […]

Arduino Robot kit makes building, programming robots simple(r)

Folks have been using the popular Arduino DIY computing platform to build robots and all sorts of other simple computing devices for a while. Arduino boards are inexpensive and relatively easy to use devices with support for a range of sensors and motors. Now there’s an official Arduino Robot kit which makes it even easier […]