Lilbits: Rocket Lake-S, Piunara Raspberry Pi CM4 carrier board, and Linux for old NVIDIA Tegra devices

You can buy a desktop (or even a laptop) computer with an Intel Rocket Lake-S processor starting today. But should you? The first round of reviews are in, and it seems like Intel managed to pull off some performance gains in single-core performance despite sticking with 14nm. But depending on what you’re asking your computer […]

Lilbits: MediaTek’s rise, an E Ink monitor, and marrying Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Apple may make the highest performance smartphone chips, but they’re only used in Apple’s phones, tablets, and PCs which means they have a limited market share. Meanwhile rivals including Qualcomm and MediaTek (and to some degree Samsung) sell their chips to multiple phone makers, which has helped them ship a lot of processors. With a product […]

Are hand cranks the next frontier in mobile gaming (Arduboy gets a cranky mod)

The upcoming Playdate handheld game console has a few nifty things going for it, including a well-known design team, a promise of at least one “season” of 12 new brand new games delivered one per-week for three months, and… a hand crank that introduced a new way to play mobile games. But the Playdate isn’t […]

ODROID-GO is a $32 handheld game console (programmable and Arduino-compatible)

Hardkernel’s latest ODROID device isn’t a Raspberry Pi-like single board computer. Instead it’s a handheld game console that looks a bit like a classic Game Boy… but it’s way more of a DIY device (it’s also a little smaller than a Game Boy). The ODROID-GO is a kit that you assemble yourself to create a […]

Netflix Socks will pause your video if you fall asleep

It never fails: you settle in for a marathon Futurama or Kimmy Schmidt marathon, but you doze off halfway through the second episode. Netflix is here to help. The company has released plans for a DY project that will automatically pause your video when you fall asleep. How does it work? Simple: you just need […]

Play Tetris on this credit card size gaming device

The Tetris MicroCard is a tiny gaming device that’s the size of a small stack of credit cards. Despite its compact profile, the Testris MicroCard has an actual D-pad and action buttons. Although it comes outfitted with an officially licensed version of Tetris, the tiny console is fully programmable with Arduino. The Tetris MicroCard is available […]

New Arduino board has Intel Curie inside

Intel’s new button-sized system-on-a-chip, Curie, will be incorporated into a next-generation Arduino board called the Arduino 101, making it the first device to ship with a Curie module. The company made the announcement at Maker Faire Rome. What makes the Curie so special? The tiny, low-power chip is designed for wearables and other low-power connected devices. The chip […]