Are hand cranks the next frontier in mobile gaming (Arduboy gets a cranky mod)

The upcoming Playdate handheld game console has a few nifty things going for it, including a well-known design team, a promise of at least one “season” of 12 new brand new games delivered one per-week for three months, and… a hand crank that introduced a new way to play mobile games. But the Playdate isn’t […]

Micro Arcade handheld put Frogger, Galaga, and Pac-Man in credit card-sized packages

There are handheld game systems… and then there are really, really tiny handheld game systems. A few years ago, after creating and running a Kickstarter campaign for a credit card-sized game system called the Arduboy, the developer of that project launched a single-purpose game system called the Tetris MicroCard. As the name suggests, it’s a […]

Play Tetris on this credit card size gaming device

The Tetris MicroCard is a tiny gaming device that’s the size of a small stack of credit cards. Despite its compact profile, the Testris MicroCard has an actual D-pad and action buttons. Although it comes outfitted with an officially licensed version of Tetris, the tiny console is fully programmable with Arduino. The Tetris MicroCard is available […]