Archos 10s: It’s like the Archos 10, but with mobile broadband

The Archos 10 mini-laptop may have just launched, but the company is already planning the netbook’s successor. The upcoming Archos 10s will have most of the features of its (slightly) older brother, including a 10 inch display and a 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU. But it will also have a 3.5G modem for connecting to mobile […]

Archos 10 netbook reviewed, keyboard found wanting

The Archos 10 is the first laptop from a company that’s best known for making portable media players. The netbook appears to be a rebranded Hasee MJ125 mini-laptop, but it comes with an Archos logo and some custom multimedia software. Unfortunately, Laptop Magazine reports that it also comes with a horrible keyboard. As you can […]