Archos GamePad $169 gaming tablet coming to America in February

The Archos GamePad is a 7 inch Android tablet with built-in buttons and joysticks designed to make video games easier to play without obscuring the on-screen actions by placing your thumbs on a touchscreen. Already available in Europe, Archos showed off the GamePad at CES last week, and promises the tablet will be available in […]

Archos launches GamePad Android tablet in Europe for 149 €, hitting the US in 2013

Archos is now selling a 7 inch gaming tablet in Europe for 149 Euros. The Archos GamePad runs Google Android 4.1 and features built-buttons and directional pads on both sides of the screen for controlling video games. The tablet is expected to make its way to the United States in early 2013. Archos first introduced […]

Archos GamePad tablet crosses the FCC threshold on way to US launch

The Archos GamePad is a 7 inch Android tablet with a touchscreen display and video game controllers built into the side of the tablet. As the name (and design) suggest, the tablet is designed to play games, and it features function buttons similar to those you’d find on an Xbox or PlayStation controller. Archos hasn’t […]

Archos GamePad: 7 inch Android tablet with built-in gaming buttons

Touchscreens may have transformed the mobile device space over the last few years — but sometimes touch-sensitive controls can’t beat a good old fashioned button. If you’re tired of playing video games with on-screen controls and having your finger slip off the screen, French tablet maker Archos has a solution. The company is introducing a […]