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AMD’s Ryzen Z1 chips are designed for handheld game consoles

When Asus revealed its upcoming ROG Ally handheld game console, the company said that it would feature a custom AMD processor designed for the compact gaming device. Now AMD has confirmed that it’s developed new chips for handheld gaming computers. But it turns out that while the ROG Ally will be the first device to ship […]

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AMD’s new mobile chip names will tell you more about the feature set

AMD has been using the same basic model numbering scheme for its chips since the company  launched the Ryzen brand in 2017. But now the company has announced it’s overhauling the system it uses to name its Ryzen Mobile processors. While the new names will look similar, there’s one key difference: starting with the company’s […]

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AMD’s Mendocino chips pair Zen 2 CPU cores with RDNA 2 graphics, but might not be graphics powerhouses

AMD’s upcoming Mendocino processors are designed for low-cost laptops in the $399 to $699 price range, but at least one company has also announced plans to use a Mendocino chip for a handheld gaming PC that will be priced as low as $289. At first glance the processor seems like a good fit for gaming, […]

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AMD Mendocino mobile chips will bring RDNA 2 graphics and Zen 2 to budget laptops

AMD plans to bring better graphics to budget laptops later this year with the launch of a new line of “Mendocino” processors that combine the company’s latest RDNA 2 integrated graphics technology with CPU cores based on AMD’s Zen 2 architecture, which is a few years old at this point. The upshot is that by […]

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Overview of AMD’s Ryzen 6000 mobile “Rembrandt” chips with RDNA2 graphics and Zen 3+ CPU cores

AMD is refreshing it’s mobile processor lineup with the launch of new chips including high-power models aimed at high-performance gaming laptops and mobile workstations and more energy-efficient chips designed for thin and light laptops. All of the new additions to the AMD Ryzen H-Series line of high performance Ryzen 6000 series processors, which are 6nm […]

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28 AMD “Renoir” chips leaked (Zen 2 processors, Radeon Vega graphics, 15 to 65 watts)

AMD’s next-gen line of Ryzen processors with integrated Radeon Vega graphics are on the way — and if a massive leak is to be believed, it looks like there are at least 28 new chips coming soon. According to Redditor u/_rogame, the new chips were detailed in AMD’s 2019 Bootcamp drivers. While there aren’t many […]

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AMD launches Ryzen processors with Radeon Vega graphics for $99 and up

When AMD launched its first Ryzen chips for desktop computers last year, the company was just focused on the CPU: if you wanted a GPU you needed to buy a separate graphics card. Then the company released its first all-in-one APU (accelerated processing unit) chips: the Ryzen Mobile laptop processors with integrated Radeon Vega graphics. […]

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Mid-range laptops with AMD Carrizo chips coming in June

AMD is finally launching its 6th-gen APU chips, previously code-named “Carizzo.” They’re designed for mid-range laptops with price tags between $400 and $700, and AMD says they offer a good balance of performance and power efficiency. The new processors use AMD’s new “Excavator” CPU cores and AMD Radeon graphics with support for H.265/HEVC decoding, and […]

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AMD launches Beema, Mullins chips for low power tablets and notebooks

AMD is launching a new line of chips aimed at mobile devices including notebooks, tablets, and other devices and the company says that we should start to see devices with the new chips in time for the 2014 back-to-school season. The new chips, code-named “Beema” and “Mullins” are designed to offer up to twice the processing performance-per-watt […]

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AMD Temash, Kabini low power chips coming in the first half of 2013

AMD has been a bit player, at best, in the tablet space up until now. But this year the company plans to  launch new low power chips designed for tablets and ultrathin laptops. The upcoming Temash chip is a low power chip aimed at Windows 8 tablets which AMD says offers twice the graphics power of the […]