Evidence mounts that the BlackBerry PlayBook will run Android apps

There’s been a rumor floating around suggesting that Research in Motion is looking into adding software to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet that would allow it to run Google Android apps. There are obvious benefits to this approach: There are well over a hundred thousand Android apps available for download, while the number of apps designed […]

BlackBerry PlayBook may be able to run Android apps… but probably not

The upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook is a pretty sexy little 7 inch tablet with a fast dual core processor and a slick operating system with excellent support for multitasking. The only problem? A tablet is only as good as the apps it can run, and while there are hundreds of thousands of apps for the competing […]

Toshiba AC100 attempts to run several Android apps with mixed success – Video

The Toshiba AC100 is a 1.9 pound laptop with an NVIDIA Tegra chip, a 10 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display, and Google Android 2.1. Google doesn’t officially support Android for notebooks, so Toshiba developed some custom software for the device allowing it to work with a touchpad, for instance. Toshiba also ships the AC100 […]

RockPlayer: The best media player for Android (DiVX, Xvid, WMV support)

Most Android devices support a handful of media codecs out of the box, including H.264 and MP4. But there are a ton of formats that aren’t typically supported, including MKV, DiVX, Xvid, and WMV. And RockPlayer can handle them all. The RockPlayer user interface couldn’t be much simpler. When you fire up the app, you’ll […]