Firefox Private Network offers a glimpse of the browser’s freemium future

Mozilla took the wraps off a new experimental add-on for Firefox this week. It’s called Firefox Private Network and it’s not just experimental in the software testing sense. It’s also an experiment in revenue generation. The add-on itself is fairly self-explanatory. Turn it on, and Firefox Private Network encrypts and routes your browsing activity through […]

Google is testing Play Pass subscription for ad-free Android apps & games

The Google Play Store is filled with a combination of free and paid apps and games… but many of the free ones are either laden with annoying ads or require in-app purchases to access some content or features. Google may be planning to offer users another option. According to a report from Android Police, the […]

Google releases Gallery Go: a lightweight, offline version of Google Photos

Google Photos has become immensely popular over the past four years, having recently crossed the billion-user line. The service lets you automatically back up your photos to the cloud, where they’re automatically organized and made searchable. You can also use Google’s tools to edit and share your photos with others. Now Google is bringing many […]

Microsoft releases Windows Terminal preview (with tabs, GPU acceleration, and more)

Microsoft’s new Windows Terminal app is here… or at least a public preview is. First announced in May, the new app provides a bunch of features that Microsoft’s earlier command line tools lacked. It also brings all those command line tools together in one place: you can use Windows Terminal to interact with the Windows […]

Kiwi web browser for Android supports Google Chrome extensions

Kiwi Browser is an Android web browser that launched about a year ago. It’s based on Google’s open source Chromium project, but includes a built-in ad blocker, a notification blocker, a night mode option, and support for background playback for YouTube and other websites, among other things. And the latest version of Kiwi brings support […]

Notch Pie makes the best of smartphone notches by adding a battery indicator

Smartphones with camera cut-outs in the display don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Some folks like the way these “notches” increase allow phone makers to use slimmer top bezels, increasing the screen-to-body ratio. Others hate the way that they seem to punch a hole in full-screen images, videos, and apps. But xda-developers forum […]

SPURV allows Android apps to run on desktop Linux operating systems

Once upon a time, Android apps ran on phones, and GNU/Linux apps ran on PCs. Things are a lot blurrier these days, thanks things like Chromebooks, which can run Android, Chrome OS, and Linux apps on a single device. If you want to run Android apps on your non-Chromebook laptop, there have been ways to […]