Firefox 74 for desktop released (and Firefox Preview v4.0 for Android too)

Mozilla has released new versions of its Firefox web browser for desktop and Android users. Firefox 74 for desktop includes improvements to the password and add-ons managers and a feature that helps keep Facebook from tracking you as you browse the web. And Firefox 68.6.0 for Android packs some stability and security fixes. But there’s also […]

Microsoft is pulling the plug on its ad service for Universal Windows Platform apps (another nail in the coffin)

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps probably seemed like when Microsoft unveiled the idea in 2014. Basically UWP apps are the Windows 10 follow-up to the “Metro” apps designed for Windows 8 and distributed via the Microsoft Store, the idea was to create a class of apps that could run across a range of devices including […]

Wine 5.0 released (Windows compatibility layer for Linux, Mac, Android, and BSD)

The Wine project has been letting folks run some Windows applications on Unix-like operating systems including Linux, macOS, and FreeBSD for decades… and a few years ago, the developers of this open source project added limited support for Android as well. Wine 5.0 is now available for all supported platforms, and it brings a number […]

Feedly launches Pro+ plans with AI assistant features

Feedly is a freemium news aggregator that lets you view updates from nearly any news source in one app — despite the fact that it first launched in 2008, in some ways Feedly is a spiritual successor to Google Reader, which shut down in in 2013. It’s an RSS reader with a web app and […]

Google Calendar for Android finally getting features the web app has had for years

Google Calendar is an incredibly useful tool for managing your schedule… but the web version has always been a little more useful than the mobile app that comes pre-loaded on most Android phones. Not it looks like Google is finally adding two of the features I miss the most. Last week Google finally added support […]

Microsoft is killing its standalone Cortana apps for Android & iOS (in some regions, at least)

Microsoft is pulling the plug on its Cortana apps for Android and iOS according to supports pages on the Microsoft Australia, Canada, and UK websites. It’s possible the app will live on in the US and other markets, but I’m not holding my breath. Does this mean Microsoft is giving up on supporting the smartphone […]

Hack allows Pixel 4 Face Unlock to work with unsupported apps (root required)

Google’s Pixel 4 smartphone feature a brand new Face Unlock system that not only allows you to login to your phone by looking at it, but also to login to apps for banking, password management, or other activities where security is important. The only catch is that developers need to explicitly update their apps to […]

Microsoft PowerToys v0.12 includes batch file renaming, dark mode support

Microsoft brought back PowerToys last year, and the company has slowly been fleshing out the set of utilities for Windows power users ever since. The latest version is PowerToys v0.12, which: Adds a brand new batch file renaming tool called PowerRename Brings multi-monitor support to the previously-released FancyZones window manager Includes initial support for Dark […]