KDE Connect now supports Windows as well as Linux and macOS (link your phone to your PC)

KDE Connect is a free tool that lets you pair a smartphone with a PC to do things like share links and files between devices, view phone notifications on your PC, use your phone as a remote control for presentations or to control media playback on your computer (or use your PC to control media […]

GIMP 2.10 open source image editor released, finally supports HiDPI displays

GIMP is a free and open source graphics editing program for Linux, Mac, and Windows computers. Its been around for more than two decades, and it’s a powerful tool that’s often compared to Adobe Photoshop… although Photoshop users tend to complain that GIMP’s menus and tools are unintuitive. But it’s hard to complain about the […]

Avira releases free Privacy Pal tool for Windows

Anti-virus company Avira’s latest application isn’t so much about protecting your computer from viruses as it is about giving you more control over the personal data collected by your web browser and other apps. It’s a free application called Privacy Pal that lets you delete the cookies, cache, browsing history, download history, and other data […]